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There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. – Aldous Huxley


Aura Exploration

This is a 2-hour session via Skype in which the client learns about the energy field surrounding him / her. After the anamnesis, the client is guided to perceive and explore his / her own energy field and deal with potential incompatible energies.

Prerequisites: None
Fee: $225.00

Past Life Regression Session

This is a 2-hour session via Skype, following the cognitive session and aura exploration. The client is requested to present a topic that s/he would like to explore for example unexplained fear (phobia), certain likes, dislikes, attractions or challenges in his / her life that require exploration of the past.

Prerequisites: Cognitive Session and Aura Exploration
Fee: $225.00

Consultancy on Soul Growth and Energy Matters

As you explore your own consciousness expansion, spiritual truth and soul growth or your daily interaction with energies, you might find yourself wondering about a number of topics that you would like to ask and discuss with someone. Questions like your personal experiences with energy disturbances, energy attachments, spiritual hygiene, past lives influences or your own soul trajectory just to name a few that might become more and more important to you to analyse and explore. To assist and accommodate you on your spiritual fact finding mission and soul exploration, Wilja offers private sessions.

Fee: $125.00 / per hour