Wilja C G Witcombe –  modern day explorer, bridge builder, trailblazer, change catalyst for seekers of insight and knowledge

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. – Lao Tzu

Some years ago, Wilja was asked by the Earth Advisers and their Allies to write a book as a first step about their collaboration with each other and introduce some of the energy techniques to the public which they had taught her. She was basically asked to out herself i.e. go public as a person who has contacts to other dimensions and beings. Since then Wilja has explored different avenues to reach the public. She started to speak publicly about her experiences, disseminate and explain those energy techniques she had been trained in with interested parties and introduce her cross-dimensional teachers and friends to a larger audience.

Apart from introducing the topics above, Wilja is also committed to share her understanding about different types of energy attachments within the human energy field that she has come across and ways to keep the aura clean. She calls this “spiritual hygiene”. Wilja is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and past life regressionist.

The topics Wilja offers are close to her heart – she sees them as tools to assist you in your soul exploration and soul growth and herself as a catalyst for a transformative breakthrough in people’s consciousness, transforming humanity and breaking the cycle of violence, ignorance and egoism in the world to bring more sustainable peace.