Wilja C G Witcombe –  modern day explorer, bridge builder, trailblazer, change catalyst for seekers of insight and knowledge

We are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we are. – Thomas Merton

Clara Apollo and Claire Quartel, organizers of spiritual events: http://consciouslivingevents.co.uk/

Beyond Zebra / Marcia Schafer, Unusual Consulting For An Emerging World: http://beyondzebra.com/

Echo Bodine, spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant visionary: http://echobodine.com/

John Chewter, radio host of an alternative talk radio station: http://deprogrammedradio.com

Janelle Collard, interviewer, radio and tv host for spiritual topics: http://callingonthemasters.com/

Gabriel Cousens, MD / Spiritual retreat and learning center: http://www.treeoflifefoundation.org/ and http://treeoflifecenterus.com/

Crimson Circle, hub / library of spiritual topics: http://www.crimsoncircle.com/

Sharry Edwards, scientist on sound / energy healing: http://www.soundhealthoptions.com/

Adrian Finkelstein, MD; past life research: http://pastlives.com/, http://www.adrianfinkelstein.com/, https://facebook.com/adrianfinkelstein1

HeartMath Institute: https://www.heartmath.org/

In5d, esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual database: http://in5d.com/

The Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS) / Walter Semkiw, MD, reincarnation research: http://www.iisis.org and http://www.reincarnationresearch.com

Institute of HearthMath: http://www.heartmath.com/

Institute of Noetic Science (IONS): http://noetic.org/

Miguel Mendonca, researcher on hybrids: http://meetthehybrids.wordpress.com

Jeffrey Mishlove, psychologist, radio and television interviewer on leading edge topics in parapsychology and spirituality: http://thinkingallowed.com/jm.html

Gary Renard, author and spiritual teacher: http://www.garyrenard.com/

Kevin Ryerson, para psychology, trance medium: http://www.kevinryerson.com/

Karen Swain, spiritual seer, healer, teacher, radio host: http://karenswain.com/

Michael and Raphaelle Tamura, spiritual teachers, clairvoyant visionaries: http://www.michaeltamura.com/

Hans Ten Dam, author, management consultant, regression therapist: http://www.tasso.nl/ and http://www.tassointernational.com/details/94-international-block-01

Paul Von Ward, cosmologist: http://www.vonward.com

We Seek To Serve; monthly messages from the Earth Advisers and their Allies: http://www.weseektoserve.com