Wilja C G Witcombe –  modern day explorer, bridge builder, trailblazer, change catalyst for seekers of insight and knowledge

When an old culture is dying, the new culture is created by those people who are not afraid to be insecure. – Rudolf Bahro

Many of us all over the world are experiencing life as a spinning ride in a roller-coaster while time seems to accelerate continuously. Nothing is the way it seems to be or once was. The local, national and international news are full of sad, difficult to comprehend and shocking reports. Many of us wonder what is really going on and how to help establish peace, balance and harmony again on our planet. If you are one of those truly interested in understanding and learning more about the invisible world and what you personally can do to bring about positive change, this book is for you!

In her “Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge-Builder”, Wilja introduces the reader to her understanding of a revised reality and the knowledge gained thereof. Her disclosures might rock the boat of some readers as they are not part of mainstream education and understanding of our perception of life. She takes the reader on a fascinating tour across different dimensions, describing encounters with and guidelines, knowledge and tools received from the Earth Advisors and their Allies who requested her to be a bridge-builder and write a book about her personal experiences. By following this request, the author presents their wish and offer to collaborate openly with humanity, inviting the reader to use the energy techniques that had been taught to her during this collaboration to support the work of the Earth Masters for this planet. By openly talking about her collaboration and cross-dimensional work with the Earth Masters, extra-terrestrials and other life forms, the author opens new doors to an ever expanding consciousness of life on Earth.
Foreword by Wayne S. Peterson

This book is quite unique not only as a first-person account of extraordinary personal experiences but also because it is a living proof that collaboration is possible between humans and beings from other dimensions.

Indeed, Wilja’s book is the first I have come across that describes in such down-to-Earth detail the cross-dimensional collaboration of herself as a representative of the human family with several other types of beings: the Masters of Wisdom, the human chain’s most enlightened elder brothers and guides; their allies, the extra-terrestrials or Off-Earth Allies as they are called in Wilja’s book; representatives of the Devic Kingdom, also known as angels in the West; and representatives of the Elven Kingdom.

At their behest, she presents and passes on energy techniques that she was trained in over several years that lift us across dimensions into a place where there is hope for humanity if only we fearlessly transcend the limited cage of so-called reality. Most of the information she reveals is first-hand knowledge that is truly “all new” in many ways.

Cross-dimensional contact is a complex topic but Wilja has been able to present it in a manner that most anyone can clearly understand. Her book speaks to humanity’s bewilderment at our current violent and swiftly-changing world. It opens the door for the reader to explore both profound answers to fundamental human questions and solutions to our most pressing dilemmas.

In my capacity as a scholar and teacher of esoteric knowledge for over four decades, and from my own experiences of the Masters of Wisdom, I am very impressed at how well the book accomplishes this mission. Certainly, I see the potential for Wilja’s book to open minds in leadership positions also. If ever we as humans are going to find the peace and progress we hope for, we need to understand what lies beyond the veil.

Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder provides an excellent first look behind that veil, a starting point to explore the vastness of the invisible world, the reality and the wonder that are hidden in plain sight of humanity and yet readily available to anyone willing to gain a new vision of our world.
Wilja’s account of her adventures provides not only the necessary encouragement to embrace the opportunity but also a number of clear-cut techniques for communicating and collaborating with cross-dimensional beings.

May this book serve you well.

Wayne S. Peterson
Author, Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings


Profound insights and very readable: A fascinating and important insight into cooperation between benevolent ETs and humanity, in which Ms. Witcombe passes on techniques taught to her by the ‘Earth Allies’ for healing, energy clearing and consciousness-raising. As she shares her amazing journey, involving many profound revelations, she offers the reader a greatly expanded sense of what is possible in terms of personal development, and in reality itself. A gift of a book. – L Dylan

A wonderful plethora of enlightening: A wonderful plethora of enlightening, transformative knowledge. This book is like having a spiritual teacher in paperback on your bedside table. Interesting stories and encounters, brilliant tips and techniques and useful explainations that broaden ones understanding of this extraordinary unniverse. Highly recommended. – Miss A

Incredible Journey – Incredible Disclosures: Disclosures of a Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder works for me on two different levels. First, as a memoir it is a delightful read. I very much enjoy getting to know Wilja C. G. Witcombe. She has had some extraordinary international as well as interdimensional adventures and she took me along to share them.
On the second level, the instructions about energy work and how energy work interweaves with our daily lives is eye-opening. One of my favorites is the positive effect of blessings.
Ms. Witcombe opens the concept of energy work to everyone and expands our options. I highly recommend this book. No matter where you are in your personal journey, there is much you can learn. – Caroline Z

A Must Read. Information you may not have read or even heard of before reading ‘Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge’: I thoroughly enjoyed this book and did not want it to end. Two of my friends have already purchased a copy.
I have been on my metaphysical journey for over 50 years and also a former librarian. I have read hundreds of books on this quest for more knowledge. Ms. Witcombe shares her interesting experiences and energy work with other dimensions, off earth allies (OEA’s), and masters guiding our planet. She also offers several techniques for healing and energy work. One in particular I found useful is her ‘Cube Technique’. It is used in identification and release of incompatible energies (energies that are not yours) to keep your energy field clean. It can also be used to change your vibratory rate. She gives detail steps on how to do these techniques. For serious students on the path, this book will take you to your next level of understanding. – Pamela W

… well as understand the journey of humanity so much better. You can use this on an hourly and …: This is information that anyone can use to benefit their life’s process and well as understand the journey of humanity so much better.
You can use this on an hourly and daily basis for yourself and others. Awesome!! Thanks Wilja for your courage to write this. – BJF