Wilja C G Witcombe –  modern day explorer, bridge builder, trailblazer, change catalyst for seekers of insight and knowledge


The more wisdom you attain and the more conscious you become, the crazier you will appear to others. – Unknown

Welcome to an unusual approach!

The Audience

This is the site for the round pegs in the square holes, the black sheep, the different ones, those who ask questions, see things differently because of their open mind and most likely unusual and unique experiences, those who dig deeper into reality, and especially the reality beyond reality, unveiling dimensions of planet Earth that few have visited and fewer yet have spoken of.

Are you interested in transformation and evolution, understanding the relationship with self, others and the created environment? In finding a path out of the current stormy waters, a path to global social and spiritual awareness and collaboration?

Then join and be part of the movement of the seekers of the truth, a growing number of people around the globe that are embracing an expanding reality as consciousness is rising, leading us to new shores!

“Know Thyself!” was written at the entrance to the temple of ancient Delphi – words which still have the same importance to mankind today as they had in times past.

The Catalyst

Wilja is an all-rounder whose mission is to serve humanity in many ways: as a change catalyst, bridge builder, teacher, pioneer of change, door opener, friend and co-worker. She assists people to get ready to face the changes and challenges of an emerging new age and deal with the choppy seas of the worldwide economic and political landslides, emotional turmoil in handling intense partnerships and to help your talents blossom by providing a constructive perspective to your present situation that helps you see changes as fresh challenges and not as tough task masters.

Wilja is also a gifted channel and energy worker who has worked extensively with the Off-Earth Allies (commonly known as ETs) as well as the Community of Spiritual Masters and their Associates. The Community and the Off-Earth Allies have selected her as one of the voices they wish to use to convey information to humanity. They have trained Wilja in perceiving their information and shared many energy techniques with her that they wish to make public. At their request, Wilja has authored Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder – A Personal Journey Of Collaboration Through Time And Space With The Earth Advisers And Their Allies. Writing the book and presenting herself now to the global community as a coach, preceptor, bridge builder and change catalyst is part of her soul mission.

The Approach

  1. Providing information about different realms and the bridges that have been built between those realms (the inner planes) and our dimension (the outer plane), presenting some insight into the collaboration that is already taking place between those realms;
  2. Providing information about the spiritual/universal understanding and application of energy;
  3. Encouraging members of the public to openly talk about personal experiences with other realms thus bringing people around the globe together to welcome, unite and collaborate with our long lost cosmic family.

The Tools

To share her knowledge with those who are interested, Wilja is offering workshops and lectures about her experiences with other realms, energy techniques that have been passed on to her by the Earth Masters and their Allies, 101 sessions for aura exploration, past life regression and personal guidance in matters of interacting with other dimensions, energy attachments and spiritual hygiene. In addion, Wilja started to share her knowledge in written form. Her first book has been published, the second is work in progress.